A tiny talk with Abby Gilmore

A tiny talk with... Abby Gilmore

Tiny Sprout are proud to bring you our tiny talk series. We're talking to some wonderful mummas, movers and shakers that inspire us and sharing with you.

Today, we speak to the gorgeous Abby Gilmore (@abbgilmore), straight shooting mum of two, originally from our hometown of Bendigo.

You grew up in Central Victoria and you're a 'country-gal' at heart (just like us)! What are your best-loved memories of growing up in Bendigo?

I did! Always a country girl at heart. Moving to Melbourne was rather overwhelming actually but now that I’m here I don’t think I could ever go back! Bendigo was a nice place to grow up, I had the best family and great friends! Was always heavily involved in basketball and netball growing up so they would have to be some of my favourite times and memories looking back!

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You're now based in lovely Melbourne, Victoria (with its somewhat unpredictable weather seasons). What are bub wardrobe-staples and great 'tran-seasonal' items you always have on hand for your babes?

This weather is so frustrating when dressing little ones! The mornings can start out freezing cold and by lunch you’re sweating like a pig ripping off layers! I’m not really fancy-pancy when it comes to my kids and their clothes, I’m not going to lie. My theory is they grow so damn quickly I just can’t justify spending a fortune on something they’ll poo, spew or dirty anyway! I like to stick to the ‘jeans and tee’ or leggings, even cute little shorts! If I can’t trust the weather and what it’s going to be, I always carry a cute little cardi to pop on if it does cool down or roll up the jeans if it gets a little warmer! Clever I know, you’re welcome! But seriously, some days my kids and I are lucky to even be dressed at all so if you were after a fancy answer I’m definitely the wrong person!

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Let's play 'What's in your (nappy) bag'! Are you an over-sized handbag or traditional nappy-bag kind of gal? And what are your 'never-leave-home-without' items?

My best friends gave me a Mimco nappy bag which I absolutely love! But I’m just not one to carry around a big bag. I’ll literally carry two nappies and wipes with me everywhere I go but that’s about it. Milla MUST have her dummy wherever we go and if she doesn’t it’s vital we buy one ASAP as it will just turn rotten without it. Arlo won’t take a dummy so she is a piece of cake. Low maintenance with me, except of course, the dummy is a necessity. Then we’ve just got some lip gloss, my card and phone of course!

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Your little-ladies (Milla 2 and Arlo 9 months) must be growing up so quickly in front of your eyes. How do you like to record of all their milestones and tiny-achievements?

They certainly are. Mixed feelings there. I wish they could stay little and innocent forever so this world can never hurt them but I’m so excited to watch as their little personalities shine through. I was all over the milestones and achievements with Mills. She got the big book with everything recorded in it from her tummy time to first words. Heck we recorded the first time she pooed we were that excited. Arlo, unfortunately she’s the second child and it just isn’t as easy as the first! As much as I feel awful about her not having one, I think I’ve documented her pretty well on Instagram so at least she has cute photos to look back on. She will never know! Surely I’m not alone here though. I was the fourth child and I reckon my book was lucky to have my name written it in it! Thanks Mum.

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What is your 'shopping-approach' when it comes to your beautifully dressed babes? How do you find the time? Are you an online, or in-store kind of gal?

I’m a bit of both actually! More so when I’m in the shops I know what I’m searching for when it comes to the girls clothes. I’m loving though that Arlo is already up in the 0’s and 1’s so all the cute things Milla was sent or never got much wear out of she just slides right in and wears them. Like I said before though, we just keep it simple. We love shopping online at Tiny Sprout as I just think my girls look adorable in the cute dresses and two pieces!

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You've just launched your blog 'According to Abby' Congratulations! You are surrounded by many amazingly talented women in your friendship network, many running their own businesses. How (and why) is it important to you to support Australian businesses and locally made products?

Local businesses give a community its flavor. It’s always nice to have different and unique little pieces and that can only happen if we keep putting money into our own. Not to mention the personal relationships you get to build with the people behind the brand! You want to see them be successful and it’s nice to know you’re contributing to the success of their business.

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