Travelling With Kids

What is it they say... don't work with animals or children?

I’ve often heard this with travelling with little ones, too. To be honest, if you manage to prepare yourself and your family, travelling with kids can be fun!

I know, I know – what on earth is she writing?

I’ve been on some horrible car trips. Many of my childhood memories were us all squashed in the backseat of my parent’s car or a hired car as my parents tried to cover the most amount of the area in a day. We’d seriously sit in that car for hours upon hours!

Tasmania and I have a very bad relationship due to being a moody 12vie stuck in the back of a tiny hire car with my two sisters whilst my parents drove around the whole state!! It was horrible. Car sickness and boredom took over my poor soul.

So, to say I learnt a thing or two is an understatement.

Family holidays, or road trips to be exact, can be daunting and overwhelming for parents to plan. I found if you leave early in the morning they may go back to sleep and you can cover a couple of hours before they reawaken. Admittedly, I’ve only had one successful bed > toilet > car transfer but I had good intentions! Once the kids started to get restless I’d bring out the “car trip for sucker’s fun pack” – note the suckers part is us parents.

There are activities that can be used in the car but also separated so the children can have their own activity such as zip lock bags containing one activity each. Heaven forbid they’re all in the same bag. Save yourself the meltdowns and just get each child a container.

Make around 5/6 activities and 5 snacks. Only small snacks like a grated carrot (1) a bag of popcorn (1) etc. Don’t pack high sugar foods because we all know how kids can get with too much sugar and long car drives (vomit bags anyone? Also, another handy tip – buy some!).

Activities could include:

  • Colouring in book with some pencils. If old enough, find-a-words. You could find one of those trays that go over their legs for them to lean on.
  • I know, technology. But seriously lifesaving. If you only have one iPad between three kids, for instance, put them on timers.
  • Lego packs. The small little creations. They can lean over their box so they don’t lose the pieces.
  • I-spy books.
  • Actually, come to think of it I’m not that creative because that’s all I do. But Pinterest it and I can only imagine how many ideas you’ll find!
Stop often. Sure, it can add another hour on the trip but find a park or somewhere they can have a run around and a bathroom break. Even enjoy a meal, picnic style. Smaller stints in the car will prove to be a better trip than long distant hauls.

Ensure you make time to recoup yourself as well. Driving is tiring. If you can swap drivers where possible and take breaks. To make sure you arrive at your destination safely, make sure you check all the essentials before you leave – oil, water and tyres!

** Tiny Sprout thank the gorgeous Mel Watts (@melwatts.x) aka, the Modern Mumma for sharing these tips and tricks.