Mader Spinning Top Learning Set Rainbow

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Mader Spinning Top Learning Set Rainbow

Are you a "Top Champion"? Test your skills!

The Mader Spinning Top Learning Set Rainbow is the way to go. A set of 5 wooden spinning tops of varying difficulties which includes: 2x Rallyes, 1x Miniature, 1x Turn-over Top, 1x Barrel.

Eight steps to become a "Top Champion":
1. Spin one Rallye top
2. Spin the Rallye top with your other hand
3. Spin both Rallyes with both hands at the same time
4. Hold the Rallye upside down, snap it and let it and let it spin on its stem
5. Spin the Miniature top and then spin it upside down
6. Spin the Turn-over top so that it flips over
7. Spin the Turn-over top on its stem
8. If you can spin the Thunderbolt you are a "Top Champion".

- Spinning Top Learning set
- Rainbow colour
- Handmade in Austria
- Maple wood painted and varnished
Recommended age 3+

- Difficulty Level: 1 - 6 (from very easy to very difficult)

- Rallye: Height 4.3cm, Diameter 3.6cm
- Miniature: Height 2.5cm, Diameter 1cm
- Turn-over: Height 4.2cm, Diameter 3.2cm
- Barrel: Height 2.5cm, Diameter 1cm

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